Kathryn Kilpatrick M.A. CCC/SLP 

Speech-Language Pathologist 

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Communication Connection 
An information center for health care professionals, older adults
and their families and care partners, as well as volunteers and faith communities.

Webinars, interviews, programs, products to enhance communication and connection, blogs and articles on eldercare issues and private consultations.
  Memory Fitness Matters  
A resource that focuses on memory fitness, successful aging and lifelong learning.

Webinars, interviews, podcasts, private consultations, weekly memory fitness blog,
and author of the 7 Day Memory Plan and Memory Fitness Toolkit

Keep Your Brain Sharp - Blog series with activity ideas
Creating, Updating and Expanding Your Memory Fitness Program  

When there are changes in memory with normal aging or beyond, older adults can benefit from having a better understanding of the keys to memory fitness including attitude, paying attention and improving lifestyle choices. Memory fitness programs can provide these basics along with memory strategies, socialization opportunities and ongoing brain fitness activities. Modifying current programs will address the increased interests of Baby Boomers and those with Mild Cognitive Impairment who want to keep their brains active while providing opportunities for engaging families, staff and members of the community.

"Memory Matters" for ALL Ages
A weekly blog will be available to accompany the local 30 minute cable TV program.
Focus is on multitasking, young and early stage Alzheimer's disease and related
dementias, more advanced dementia, care partner support
and tips for upgrading your memory  

As a speech-language pathologist since 1969, I would like to highlight my profession and the outstanding resource it is for those with hearing, swallowing, communication, memory and cognitive deficits.

By increasing the awareness of our services and resources, you will be more aware of ways speech-language pathologists can better help you serve the needs of older adults and their care partners. 


" It is the position of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) that speech-language pathologists (SLPs) play a primary role in the screening, assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and research of cognitive-communication disorders, including those associated with dementia."    


Walking the Journey: When Dementia Comes Home

One of the most meaningful aspects of my career in recent years has been providing families and caregivers with suggestions for ways to keep a loved one safe and engaged in meaningful activities as they walk the journey, often with Alzheimer's disease or a related dementia. Every day brings a unique and interesting opportunity. These families learn from my experiences and they teach me even more so that I can share those ideas with others.

Learning their story, meeting them where they are and providing activity ideas and communication strategies can often shift the day to day experience of all involved.  For more information, take advantage of the resources created on this website to help increase your awareness: Articles and blogs - programs - products - webinars and interviewsContact Kathryn to learn more if you would like some assistance in walking the journey with a loved one.

Memory Changes Beyond Normal Aging: Strategies Matter 

As a speech-language pathologist I have the opportunity to see many adults, some in the prime of their life, who are experiencing Mild Cognitive Impairment or more significant problems. Because I am involved in home health care, I enter their daily routine and can readily learn what they do to keep mentally active. Frequently those adults who used to have hobbies, belonged to organizations, liked to read or do puzzles and word games, just to name a few, have become increasingly inactive. Often they are unable to do what they used to do and so they do less and less. Many times I have seen a patient with mild to moderate dementia who can become engaged in some of those activities.  Continue reading and visit upcoming events for related programs and webinars




       Reminiscence Puzzles 20th Century - Details and sample pages

       20th Century in Review with CD

       Daily Reminiscence Calendar with CD  

       NEW Brain Game Series       

                      Numerical, Verbal and Visual Brain Games and Word Challengers

Helpful products created for those looking for ways to enhance the time spent with an older adult. There are also activities they might enjoy doing on their own or with the assistance of another person. Excellent resources speech-language pathologists and for activity professionals as well as senior centers and adult day programs.




“In helping others, we shall help
ourselves, for whatever good
we give out 
completes the circle
and comes back to us.”

               Flora Edwards